About us - Philosophy

About us

HRsolution makes one move and gets a lot of things moving.

The subject Personnel Management makes the hearts of our employees beat faster. We put our shoulder to the wheel in the name of our customer and applicant because we know having good personnel is absolutely indispensable! We assume responsibility for our tasks with the deepest conviction and enthusiasm. We promote this as a team - and you can experience it.

HRsolution brings together the dynamics demanded by the market and the profound technical competencies together with high personal commitment. Customers sense security and assistance in our personal liaison and support practised by our employees.

The brand essence of HRsolution characteristics can be found in the two relevant dimensions " innovation” and “success”. These are the two most decisive main springs in a company. Another very important asset of brand essence is the beginning of a true friendship - a partnership marked by honesty, openness and trustworthiness. Companies, and executives or applicants are in the good and trustworthy hands of HRsolution.


Anybody who expects top performance, must first listen and understand. If you have learnt to heed this advice, then you can expect to reap the rewards of your employees` deductive reasoning, understanding and authority where they have sown their crops. People sometimes develop under pressure.

As a rule, however, the best way to develop is through the sense of care and this involves attaining insight.

HRsolution stands for innovative ideas.

We develop new methods and alternatives in order that our customers are able to stay productive and remain competitive for the present and future. For that we hold the required know-how. We are creative, open-minded, experienced, innovative and success-oriented.

It is our task to supply the customer with fresh ideas, so that the ability to compete can increase. We are the problem solver for just about every open question in the Human Resources area.

Our goal for the future is to reach, through our unique performance specification, a highly developed market position. Being a specialized service provider, directly because of our peculiarity, we aim to create a high demand and to clearly distinguish ourselves from other problem solving providers.